Rocky Mountain MS Clinic and Research Group Publications and Presentations

American Journal of Managed Care

Foley JF

Jun 29, 2010, Recommendations for the Selection, Treatment, and Management of Patients Utilizing Natalizumab Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Current Treatment Options in Neurology

Rose JW, Foley JF, Carlson NG

Sep 29, 2009, Monoclonal antibody treatments for multiple sclerosis

Redefining functionality and treatment efficacy in multiple sclerosis

John F. Foley and David W. Brandes


Jul 9, 2009, 72, S1-S11

This article examines the current practices in MS assessment and clincal trial design, highlighting certain deficiencies associated with commonly used measurement techniques (e.g., the Expanded Disability Status Scale and MRI) that are reflective of these discrepancies. 

Multiple Sclerosis

Coyle PK, Foley JF, Fox EJ, Jeffery DR, Munschauer FE, Tornatore C

Jan 10, 2009, Best practice recommendations for the selection and management of patients with multiple sclerosis receiving natalizumab therapy