Rocky Mountain MS Clinic and Research Group Publications and Presentations

International Journal of MS Care

Foley JF, Dunne AM

Sep 27, 2011, Successful Management of a Neurology Infusion Practice

Journal of Neurology

Foley J, Vermersch P, Gold R

Aug 30, 2011, Clinical outcomes of natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

The Epidemiology of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

John F. Foley

Clinical Reviews of JCV and PML, A Supplement to Neurology Reviews

Jul 1, 2011, S10-S16

Detailed epidemiology of PML may be useful to the effort to isolate factors that render individuals susceptible to PML. It may also aid calculations of the risk of PML in relation to expected benefits from immunomodulating agents. 

European Journal of Neurology

Vermersch P, Foley J, Gold R

Mar 30, 2011, Overview of Survival Outcome and Functional Status in Post Marketing Cases of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) in Multiple Sclerosis Patients treated with Natalizumab